IN THE NAME OF THE GAME: How does a company get the world’s smartest data scientists to moonlight for free? By turning problems into contests Anuncios

Disrupt Yourself – HBR

Negotiating for Wimps – Jeff Haden

Everyday Low Pricing May Not Be the Best Strategy for Supermarkets

Finally, he says, “Price perception is really important. Customers’ sense of how you price merchandise drives foot traffic to your store and takes a long time to build up. Violations of that will be costly in terms of the loss of consumer trust and the expense it will take to reeducate them.”

You Say You Want a Devolution? by Kurt Andersen Para los que no quieren leer el artículo completo les copio y pego este par de parrafos que resumen en líneas generales todo, aunque no quisiera motivar a nadie a no leerlo completo: “like any lucrative capitalist sector, our massively scaled-up new style industry naturally seeks stability and predictability. Rapid and radical shifts in … Sigue leyendo

Innovation During Tough Economic Times

Survival in business is like an Antartica exploration!!! PwC’s PRTM Management Consulting: Thought Leadership: Innovation During Tough Economic Times.

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